“Quit counting fans, followers and blog subscribers like bottle caps. Think, instead, about what you’re hoping to achieve with and through the community that actually cares about what you’re doing. ” ~Amber Naslund,

Yes, it’s true that you cannot value online activity by sheer numbers. However, if you do not even have a Twitter account set up, or if you only have 8 likes on your Facebook business page, then that is something that needs to be looked at when beginning this exciting marketing journey.

What is the Online Presence Assessment?

Your Online Presence Assessment is a tool to help you with your marketing strategy for online activities.

This assessment gives you a hard look at where you currently are with your business activities online. Most of it you already know, but some of it you may not be aware of because customers are posting reviews about your business online. Also, there are some things that you do not know you do not know (that’s not a typo).

Take this Online Presence Assessment to find out exactly where you stand. Discuss the results with Coach Angela, and you will have taken the first of the three steps in jumping in the game of online marketing on your own terms!

How long will the Online Presence Assessment take?

It takes between 10 and 25 minutes to fill out the assessment. The interpretation coaching session takes up to 40 minutes, where you ask questions, and Coach Angela will make recommendations after finding out what is important to you in terms of marketing goals and business goals.

How much will the Online Presence Assessment cost my business?

It will cost you lost business if you do not jump in the game of online marketing. And you should not jump in the game until you know what your “handicap” is (like a golf or bowling game). Know where you stand. Definitively.

Your Online Assessment one-time investment: $180, which includes a 40-minute coaching session for a discussion on the results.

Or, the cost of the Assessment is free when you invest in a three-hour coaching package with Coach Angela. See Coaching Services and Pricing for more information.

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