Your Compass


Core values serve as a compass in decision making

Use your internal, personal compass as a tool to navigate the vast and sometimes stormy seas of the world wide web.

Identify your core values to serve as a compass in decision making. Your core values are both personal and professional. As a business owner, your values overlap. Stay true to what you believe to be important and ethical and moral for YOU.

Click here for a list of values to choose from. There is no limit to the number of values to choose that are important to you, but you will want to narrow down your list to the ones that hold top priority for you so that you can incorporate them into your Mission Statement. You can have a Mission Statement for your business, as well as a personal one that states the mission of your life or your life purpose.

Only you know which values you will adhere to, and you are allowed to change them over time. You can change priorities, you can change which values are dominant in your life at any given time.

Choose which values are the most vital to your success and use them as an awesome tool to navigate — your own, highly personalized compass!

Using Your Compass in Decision-Making

When you have crafted your Mission Statement, and you have solidly internalized what values are most important to you, all you have to do is hold each decision up against this compass and see if there is a match.

Here are some examples:  (coming soon)

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