Here are links to some great resources for learning about social media, Internet marketing, marketing in general, and business development.

Social Media Thought Leaders and Influencers

Ted Rubin (Twitter campaign is #RonR, which stands for Return on Relationships)
Mashable — Great source for recent news articles on Social Media, as well as other topics
Social Media Examiner — Largest online social media magazine

Business Advisors

Jeannette Seibly — She has created 3 millionaires, has over 30 years of experience, and is very efficient. She also help companies with confilct resolution, work environment and morale, Human Resource management, improving departmental productivity, and executive coaching. See Jeannette’s books, or contact her

Maurice Washington — He helps with systems, logistics, and strategy for business growth.

Measure of Social Media Influence

How do you measure influence? It’s more complicated than just the number of followers a person has. The metrics usually involve level of engagement (how many people are commenting, liking, retweeting, sharing, +1?). So, it’s not just about your circles of influence, and how often you are pushing out content. It’s about “social proof” — you may think that your content is interesting, valuable and relevant, but are people engaging with it?

Here are some websites where you can look up a person’s level of influence:

Klout Score — the score is more accurate if you link as many accounts as you are active using
Kred Story — I feel that this is very Twitter-heavy in its metrics

Self-Publishing Help

Polly Letofsky — Book Shephard, Author and Speaker. Polly helps self-publishers cross the finish line with CreateSpace and other logistics.

More to follow…


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