What is the difference between Twitter and Facebook?  

May 1st, 2013

Don’t be embarrassed about this question. If you have never used either online platform, then of course you will not know what each one is all about and what is the difference between the two.

Here is a brief description of what Twitter is all about and how it is different than Facebook.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is used for mass texting. Instead of texting to one individual’s cell phone, Twitter enables people to mass text to several people, several dozen people, several hundred people or even thousands of people.

Twitter can be used either online or on a cell phone and the tweet (a 140 character text message) is sent to anyone “listening.” Twitter enables people to “follow” each other. That means that if you are following somebody, you can hear their mass text.

Actually, Twitter is used effectively by numerous Fortune 500 companies for improved customer service, research and development, and for improved customer relations. Twitter enables customer service people to engage in a texting dialog with customers that are either happy or disgruntled.  twitter-logo-bird

Twitter can be used as a tool to target hyper-niche demographics.

You can use Twitter to research conversations around keywords. For example, a chiropractor might listen to people who are asking, “hey, are there any alternative asthma remedies out there?” The chiropractor might jump into the conversation and offer his services.

The keywords will lead you to target demographics. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to targeting hyper-niche demographics.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is the second largest website in the world. One in every four webpage views on the internet are Facebook page views. Facebook contains “profiles” of people (and businesses, of course). A profile is a webpage dedicated to you where you can put as much or as little information about yourself that you want others to know: pictures, videos, information about your schooling, hometown, etc.

People converse with each other by posting on each other’s “wall” (your wall is your profile webpage). The types of posts are comments (e.g. “hi, Andrea, nice to find you on Facebook after all these years. What have you been doing since High School?”); pictures that you either take yourself or pictures that you stumble on the internet that you want to share; videos that you either take yourself or find on YouTube that you want to share with others; announcements of events that you are hosting or going to; personal or business updates; questions and polls that you want to ask for research or for fun.

facebook_logo2You can also comment on other people’s posts, or you can passively click “like” on other people’s posts to indicate approval, or you can delete offensive posts made to your wall.

In the business context, Facebook is one way to put a human face on your company, extend your branding efforts, and encourage fans of your business to express their loyalty and enthusiasm through fan contests, polls and more.

Also, Facebook fan pages for business enable you to launch multiple campaigns for research and development, customer service, high quality lead generation, and much more through applications that can be especially built for your purposes.

Facebook is just one of many online platforms which gives you the opportunity to engage with customers in a higher quality dialog: one-on-one addressing their concerns and their passions.

The Similarities between Facebook and Twitter

While Twitter is used for mass texting, it also enables one-on-one dialog (a public dialog for others to see), just as Facebook enables one-on-one public dialog.

Twitter is better used as a search tool for specific conversations, but Facebook also enables specialized groups (demographic niches) to rally around a Facebook fan page and commune and converse. So, both platforms enable the savvy user to navigate and target hyper-niche demographics.

Both Facebook and Twitter also provide a means for businesses to connect with audiences wider than the local geography.

Don’t be intimidated by the unknown. Have a friend or family member introduce you to Facebook and set up a personal profile to begin with. Start getting involved with Facebook by connecting with old friends, family, former school buddies and loved ones that are in a different state or country.

Just take one step at a time to familiarize yourself with these online platforms, and you will gain a greater understanding of the potential for both personal connections and business profits.

When you are ready to have social media demystified completely, book Angela Schnaubelt for a 90-minute presentation to you or your entire company (so that you can all be “on the same page”). Coach Angela will explain the big picture of social media, Facebook, Twitter and other important business marketing platforms. She can personalize the presentation to your level of understanding of social media for business so that you get information that you can relate to!

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