Jumping in the Game: Facebook

April 5th, 2013

You’ve decided to put up a Facebook page for your business. Congrats!

Now what?

Here are some tips for how to jump into the Facebook game. These tips for Facebook business users will help you increase your fan base, as well as keep them engaged.

Facebook Tip #1:  Be consistent. Posting twice a month is not sufficient for Facebook to register you as active. Your posts will not show up on your fans’ walls if you do not post consistently. Be realistic about exactly how much time it takes to make a quality post and then budget your time accordingly. You have to choose to make the time to devote to Facebook on a weekly basis. Get ideas here on what to announce and post on your business Facebook page.

Facebook Tip #2:  Provide value. Don’t just blatantly promote. Provide interesting content that educates, entertains, promotes, informs, and engages fans. Link to educational content such as videos, articles, and websites that are in alignment with your values and ideals.

Facebook Tip #3:  Interact with others as human beings. Posting announcements and promotions in a void is ineffectual. It’s important to connect with your fans as real people. What would you tell your friends and family?

Click “like” on others’ posts. Make comments on others’ posts. Ask questions, create polls, and get your fans’ opinions.

Facebook Tip #4:  Diversify your posts. Vary your posts by offering the following:


-links to articles

-announcements (personal and business)

-contests, calls to action/participation from your fans


-appropriate humor

-continue to add pictures to your profile. Facebook allows for you to create photo albums. Get ideas here for types of pictures that are appropriate for your Facebook profile.

-polls, provocative questions

Facebook Tip #5:  Be genuine. Fans will notice when you are being authentic. People appreciate posts that show the human side to your business. Find your voice and be mindful of your “tone” when writing for an online audience.

Facebook Tip #6:  Leverage your content. When you create content for your website, or for your blog, or for your YouTube channel, post a link to it on Facebook to promote that content. Click here to learn about types of content your business can create to increase its online presence.

Facebook Tip #7:  Mention others in your posts in order to recognize them and increase your audience. When you mention a friend or fan, that post will show up directly on their wall which dramatically increases your readership and exposure.

Facebook Posting for Businesses

April 19th, 2013

Personal and business uses of Facebook are different animals, obviously, but what does that mean in tangible terms? Here are some tips on what types of posts are appropriate for a business Facebook page.

What types of posts should a business put on its Facebook page?

Blatant promotion is not always well-received; however some amount of promoting is accepted if interspersed with interesting and valuable content.

Businesses that use the following types of posts will be perceived as interesting, useful, and will get the readers’ attention:

–         Links to articles or useful websites

–         Links to recent articles that you have published

–         Videos embedded right onto the business Facebook page wall

–         Pictures of your business, of employees and owner, and of events

–         Questions and polls that get others involved

–         Appropriate and tasteful humor

–         Contests that call for participation

Post links to articles and useful websites on your business Facebook page

Make sure that the information you are passing along to your fans is in alignment with your values and is appropriate for your industry.  In addition to posting links to your own fresh content, here are some examples of types of articles and websites that businesses can post on Facebook.

A Chiropractic Internist, for example, might post links to news articles about clinical studies for digestive disorders and nutrition-related information. A yoga instructor, for example, might post links to articles about the benefits of yoga, or about advanced yoga techniques in her tradition of yoga.

Posting links to useful websites includes resources for your customers and prospects, as well as credible news websites that consistently provide reliable information. A Chiropractor’s Facebook page might post asthma support group websites, cancer support websites, fibromyalgia research, etc.

Types of videos to post on your business Facebook page

Facebook users love videos! Videos go “viral” more easily than articles and text. Videos posted on business Facebook walls should be tasteful.

When humorous, videos should be professional and appropriate for all ages. Always be careful about humor to make sure that you fans are amused and not insulted. Make sure, too, that the humor is either seasonally appropriate, or has something to do with your industry.

Why pictures are important content on your business Facebook page

It’s critical that your business page has photos because Facebook users are very visual. Photos give your business a “human face.” Photos give your fans a chance to see that you have a welcoming ambiance, a professional office or retail space, and that your goods and services are worth purchasing.

Types of photos to post on your Facebook page are the following:

–         Employees

–         Owner(s) and family

–         Place of business – inside and outside

–         Events (promotional events, PR events, Open House, etc.)

–         Logo

–         Industry humor (as appropriate) such as cartoons

Posts that get business fans involved on your wall

Asking questions with the Facebook tool to poll your fans is a good way to get your readers involved.

You can click on the “Ask Question” link on your home page at the top, just under the search bar. You will see “Update Status,” “Add Photo/Video” and “Ask Question” tabs.  You can either simply ask a question, or you can add poll options (possible responses).

An example of a poll would be a florist asking the question, “Which occasions do you buy flowers for most often?” anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. The florist could also poll for interest in offering a class: “Would you take a quick, 30-minute flower arrangement class?” yes, no, maybe.

Businesses have successfully used contests to get fans involved on their Facebook wall, show their support and loyalty to a brand, and to increase fan base. For example, the energy drink, Red Bull, did a Christmas tree contest for fans to show off their love of Red Bull.

Contest ideas can be fun: recipe contest, slogan contest, children’s art or coloring contest (offer to scan the images for your fans), video contests, and more. Fans love to be creative and voice their support!

These are just some ideas on how to successfully post a variety of business news, events, information, and more on your Facebook page. Contact me if you want a personal coaching session on creating a Game Plan for what would be appropriate for your business: frequency of posts, types of posts, marketing campaigns, PR ideas and more.

For more tips on how to maximize Facebook as a social media platform for your business, and for specific business coaching tailored to your business’ needs, contact Angela Schnaubelt for one-on-one coaching.

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