Your Tools

Your business needs tools for success in order to be efficient and effective with even the basics of online marketing.

Here are a few of the tools that Coach Angela can equip you with in your new, exciting marketing adventures!

1. Your Compass
A compass is a tool that gives you direction, whether you are lost or disoriented or not. Your personal and business compassvalues give your business direction, keeps it on track, and helps you stay in alignment with your Mission Statement. Click here to learn more about Your Compass for your business.

2. Your Online Presence Assessment
Learn exactly where you stand from the beginning so that you know what areas need working on, and where exactly you are going. This is a critical tool for success in online marketing, as it is part of your “map” — the part that says: “YOU ARE HERE.” Click here for more information about Your Online Assessment by Coach Angela and the accompanying evaluation and interpretation coaching session to help you understand it.

3. Your Anchor
Anchor_NavyAn anchor keeps you grounded and reminds you of the “why” you are participating in online marketing. Once you have your “why,” then you should be less apt to stray when things get crazy (usually crazy good, not crazy bad). Your anchor has to do with the understanding that social media is about communities of people, but there is more to it than that. Learn more about Your Anchor and the big picture of why you should be participating in internet marketing by booking a personalized seminar for your company, or by checking Angela Schnaubelt’s public seminar schedule here.

4. Your Online Presence Planning Poster (with accompanying Empowerment Cards)
Currently, this poster is only available to those who have attended a Coach Angela seminar in person. This dry erase, laminated poster is a colorful, strategic planning poster that can be used over and over again throughout time as your business grows in sophistication with its participation in online marketing and social media activities. The accompanying Empowerment Cards are a way to guide planning meetings and can be used with or without the poster to discuss platforms as well as strategies.

5. Your Online Marketing Workbook

Coming Soon. This playful workbook is for newbies and beginners who want to jump into the game of online marketing on their own terms. Scheduled to be published in August of 2013.

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