Online Marketing

Online Marketing Demystified:
How to increase your online presence

Get empowered to make smart decisions about how you want to participate in online marketing! Yes, there’s more to online marketing than engaging in social media. And there’s more to social media than having a website, a Facebook fan page and tweeting.

Social Media Platforms

Social media

Learn about ALL of the components of having an online presence; understand how the components work together, and which ones are most appropriate for you. Learn why it’s important to increase your online presence with a strategic game plan instead of haphazard posting, tweeting and blogging.

This presentation is a tool: use it to create or improve your social media game plan. Use this planning tool to better understand the big picture so that you can drill down and set your goals and achieve your objectives.


a) Importance of being online

b) Difference between online marketing and social media

c) R.O.I. and the difference between online marketing and traditional advertising

Discussion of the 10 platforms that represent a healthy online presence:

1. Website: importance, functions, possible strategies.

Online Marketing Strategy for Business

Good business strategy means you “begin with the end in mind.”

2. Online directories and reviews: importance, relevance to other platforms, strategies.

3. Facebook: appropriate business usage, strategies.

4. Twitter: definition, business usage, strategies.

5. YouTube: importance, ideas for campaigns, strategies.

6. LinkedIn and profiles: their importance in networking and reputation management.

7. Daily Deals & Check-ins: explanation, strategies.

8. Blog: importance of content, strategies.

9.  Events and Meetup promotion sites: best-hidden secret for hyper-local marketing, strategies.

10. Google+


a)      It must be fun

b)      Achieve a higher quality dialog by connecting with customers as real people through social media.

c)      Business owners are now empowered to decide for themselves how to proceed with an Online Marketing Game Plan – what they want to do themselves, and what they feel comfortable outsourcing.

Also available  DIY Internet Marketing for Beginners: A Playbook for Increasing Your Online Presence; planning poster entitled Online Marketing: Strategic Plan; and Empowerment Cards that accompany the planning poster.

Further coaching and mentoring by Coach Angela is also available for highly personalized social media help for your business. Contact Angela Schnaubelt to schedule your one-on-one coaching sessions for your business or your association.

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