Managing Reviews of Your Business

Be proactive about what happy (and the occasional unhappy) customers are saying about you and your business online. This is called “reputation management.” You can’t control what they say, but you can participate and be proactive in the online dialog about your company. Learn about reputation management, and get your feet wet with online marketing and social media on your own terms.

Notice that group rates make social media coaching more affordable. Join a small group (class size is limited to 14 or less) for a 90-minute seminar on Reputation Management for only $25! See class times below. Otherwise, you could schedule your own private, personalized, tailored-to-your-business seminar and get a jump start in getting involved in online marketing. Schedule with Coach Angela now!

Managing reviews of your business

  • Reviews of your business are online by current and past customers.
  • Prospects weight the reviews more heavily than ads or commercials, according to recent studies.
  • You can have some control over the reviews and your online reputation, but you have to be proactive in your strategy.

Managing your internet presence

  • Having a website is not enough. To reach more prospects, you need to increase your online presence strategically.
  • Decide for yourself what is best for your business instead of succumbing to “social media hustlers.”
  • You can be empowered to make good decisions when it comes to your internet presence.

90-minute Reputation Management seminar for only $25

When:              TBA

Where:             6972 S. Vine Street in Centennial, CO 80122 (Southglenn Library meeting room)

This seminar conducted by Angela Schnaubelt (Coach Angela)

Get tips that you can implement right away to improve your reputation and increase your online presence!

Google ReviewsBe proactive with online reviews of your business!Online reviews on

Stay in the loop with what others are saying about you!

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