Angela Schnaubelt is Coach Angela!

Schedule Coach Angela for a speaking engagement for any of the following seminars (click on the seminar that you want to learn more about).

Available seminars as of May, 2013:

Online Marketing Demystified: How to Increase Your Online Presence. This enables you to jump in the game of internet marketing on your own terms. This seminar is for newbies and beginners to both social media and internet marketing. Join an already scheduled class or schedule a tailored presentation just for your business as a general intro to the big picture of online marketing. Make sure that your entire company or your entire social media team is all on board and “on the same page.” Click here to learn more about the business seminar, Online Marketing Demystified.

Reputation Management
Manage reviews of your business that are being posted on the internet, and be proactive about your online reputation. No, you can’t control what others say about you and your business, but you can be proactive! This is a beginner class but will cover a lot of ground in regards to online reputation management for businesses. Click here to read more about the business seminar, Reputation Management.

YouTube 101: Setting Up Your Business YouTube Channel
For newbies and beginners, this seminar will walk you through how to get started in YouTube if this is one of your chosen platforms to work with.

YouTube 102: Marketing Campaigns and Types of Videos Appropriate for YouTube Business Channels
Launch a marketing campaign on YouTube, leverage that campaign with other platforms, and get bang for your buck! Learn how to plan your campaign ahead of time, including deciding whether to shoot the videos in-house or outsource to professional videographers.

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