Leadership Coach

Angela Schnaubelt, Leadership and Planning Coach

Angela Schnaubelt is Coach Angela

Leadership Coach, Social Media Coach

I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to planning both in the business world and in non-profit organizations. It’s important to note that each leader has her own leadership style, her own strengths, and her own dynamic personality.

My leadership style has evolved over time, with direct experience.

I teach leadership, both in Toastmasters, as well as in business coaching settings (Executive Planning sessions, goal-setting, strategy, implementation, logistics, etc.).


I’ve owned my own businesses in the past, as well as served as a consultant to start-up and small growing businesses. My mantra has always been:

“…build/reinforce the infrastructure so that you can withstand the growing pains.”

I have a gift for seeing the big picture clearly and I have a gift for communicating that big picture to get everyone on the same page. I can do this for your organization, and then I can help you drill down what is needed to flesh out the missing pieces or the weak points in the infrastructure.

Let me help you get a good perspective on what you need to make your leadership team more cohesive, more organized, and create a dynamic Executive Game Plan to explode your membership and member participation!

Toastmasters International

For over 10 years I’ve been involved in Toastmasters International as both a member and in its leadership. I’ve served multiple terms in District officer positions, conducted numerous presentations to large audiences on leadership topics, as well as educational modules on both communication and leadership.toastmasters logo

Specifically, my passion and expertise is growing clubs: membership growth, member retention, and meeting planning to increase member attendance/participation, and making the Executive Board Meetings of the club officers run more productively. Additionally, I’ve been successful with marketing techniques and event planning for clubs and areas.

I received the Phoenix Award one year for rescuing a struggling club. I revived the club with a lot of effort, but also by using leadership techniques that rallied members to support the growth activities and the club’s survival.

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