Angela Schnaubelt is Coach Angela!

Let me tell you my story. On September 22, 1012, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical and rectal tumors, and a metasticized tumor in my lymph in my groin. They were so large that I was told they were inoperable. I cried. I was shocked.

I did NINE WEEKS of aggressive natural therapies before finally consenting to seven weeks of chemo-radiation. It was the chemo that almost killed me. I had complications and was in a tremendous amount of pain (i was trembling and breaking a sweat from the pain). I was bedridden for about 4 1/2 months all told.

Healers saved my life. Alternative healers of all kinds came forth and offered help. Each one, brilliant in their own way. I took lots of nutraceuticals, I allowed every healer to do their special magic and special healing modalities on me. I graciously received from all of them.

Thank you! In deep appreciation and gratitude, I offer my help to alternative and natural healers. I help healers to increase their client base, and increase their revenues. I help healers with their Internet marketing and online presence. I help you because I choose to. The book that I wrote is for any small business or solopreneur that is either a newbie or a beginner in Internet marketing.

I’m magnetizing the alternative healers because I get you! I understand you! I know your struggles of how to explain what you do. I know your inner blocks about money and abundance and wealth. I know you don’t like marketing, I know that the Internet can be overwhelming and frustrating. I can help. Let me give back to you in thanks, let me help you.

Are you ready to graciously receive?



Business Infrastructure

Angela’s professional background is filled with extensive experience of a vast skill set that evolved from being a serial entrepreneur. Helping to start and run businesses with as many as 60 employees (a tire recycling plant in California) that ran three shifts a day, seven days a week, to international businesses with multimillion dollar investors (e.g. conversion of a hotel to a resort in the Caribbean), Angela Schnaubelt has a sophisticated business skill set.

Skills include sales (closing), marketing, business plan creation, infrastructure reinforcement for growing companies, setting up departments (i.e. Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, etc.), hiring, contract compliance, inventory management, setting up filing systems and other systems, and much more.

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What about Angela’s internet marketing and social media experience?

Self-taught and aggressively pursuing continuing education, Angela Schnaubelt has almost ten years of experience with online activities including SEO (search engine optimization), content article writing, content writing for websites, and promoting content on social bookmarking sites and other social media avenues.

She also has a knack for explaining the big picture, creating strategic planning at a high level of planning both short, intermediate and long term, as well as drilling down logistics and implementation to get the vision accomplished. This is a rare skill set — to have the ability to communicate vision AND to get the job done!

Here is a sampling of some projects that Angela has helped with and success stories:

  • She increased a Functional Medicine Chiropractor’s business by 400% in the space of just one year. Some of this was from online marketing activities, as well as generating and increasing  multiple streams of revenue. He is since retired, and his website is down.
  • She also helped a QiGong teacher increase her business by 300% in the space of less than one year by the creative professional use of just one platform on the internet (Meetup.com).
  • Angela coached Robert Bowen, a citizen journalist for Examiner.com and online content writer to increase his readership by 100% in just three months by giving him tools for promotion and a better understanding of social media.
  • She was the webmaster for a manufacturing plant in Tennessee and was responsible for SEO, website content creation, organizational flow and navigation, as well as serving as their Sustainability Director.
  • References available upon request.  These are just a few examples.

Coach Angela is also a lifetime member of Coachville University, an online, comprehensive life and business coaching program that offers a certification track towards ICF (International Coaching Federation) certification.

Personal, Personality, Fun Stuff

eiffel tower at night

Coach Angela’s interests are varied, as she is both creatively and intellectually a genius. Hobbies range from reading mostly non-fiction (physics, metaphysics, comparative religions, self-improvement, sales and people skills, other), arts and crafts (crocheting, scrap booking, sewing, paper crafts, more), bike riding, camping, hiking, riding motorcycles, traveling, movies, environmentalism, networking.

Angela is world traveled, both for business as well as pleasure. She speaks French with a high level of fluency, having a BA in French and having lived in the south of France in college. She loves the French culture and people.

An unusual hobby of Coach Angela is that she takes pictures of stone angels in cemeteries. She loves unique tombstones, and has pictures from cemeteries all over the world: Czech Republic, France, and the U.S. being the most prolific. Click here to see her  seven pictures and a romantic poem she wrote about Olsany cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic.

See my latest project, Brave Girls. It’s a cancer survivor blog that inspires and educates stage IV cancer survivors. Whilst the cancer did not and does not define me, certainly the battle changed me profoundly. Check out the blog, SupportBraveGirls.

Mission Statement for Coach Angela, LLC

Coach Angela stresses the importance of operating within your personal and business values and ethics. These do not necessarily have to be religious values, but sometimes they do happen to overlap.

The mission of Coach Angela is… “to awaken business owners to their highest potential in marketing and business growth through coaching and advising techniques that bring out their values so that they can make the best decisions possible for them. Coach Angela strives to empower the business owner to move forward at their own pace, sometimes challenging them outside of their comfort zone, other times championing them so that they can achieve their highest potential of their own missions.”

Coach Angela honors the individuality of each industry, each business, and each business owner. She has tolerance and compassion for every business owner, patience and belief that we are all connected through our higher purposes and that we are all inherently good.

Contact Angela Schnaubelt if you want her on your team as a coach, an adviser, your champion, and your friend.


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