Use this reference book as a tool to jump in the game ON YOUR OWN TERMS!

Increase your online presence. Jump into the game of online marketing and join the 21st century.

I will help you get a handle on what all the social media and online marketing jargon means. You are not a dummy, so you don’t need a book called Social Media for Dummies. What you need is a good, solid explanation of what this new marketing beast is all about so that you can understand the big picture before jumping into the game.

What is Online Marketing? What’s all the fuss about?

Online marketing involves more than just having a website and setting up a Facebook fan page. My presentation: Social Media De-mystified: How to increase your online presence will explain all of the components of being online, how they work together, and why they are important.

Online marketing is just another form of marketing. It’s the new generation of media. The differences between traditional advertising and online marketing are huge: quality of dialog, approach to branding, speed of communication and customer service, and more.

What is Social Media? Is it appropriate for businesses?

Businesses can participate in social media, but the etiquette of having an online presence is vastly different from traditional advertising. Blatant promotional messages are less tolerated in many contexts, but there are ways in which businesses can engage prospects and customers productively and appropriately.

Social media is a media for communication between people. It’s a collection of online platforms that are used to communicate to others in online communities of people with similar interests.  Sure, it’s social, but business can also be social when building relationships with prospects and customers.


Who is Coach Angela?

Coach Angela

Angela Schnaubelt

Angela Schnaubelt (Coach Angela) is an experienced business and life coach who specializes in teaching beginners how to embrace online marketing. Coach Angela teaches the big picture of online marketing and social media to business owners so that they are empowered to decide what platforms are appropriate for their industry and business, which activities they want to perform themselves and which marketing activities they want to outsource to professionals and experts.

Coach Angela coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs how to come up with a strategic game plan for implementing online marketing campaigns into their overall advertising and marketing efforts.


The ball is in your court!

You’ve come to this website to learn more about increasing your online presence. You need to take the next step, now, and either attend a live class, attend a live webinar, or buy the DVD of the presentation: Social Media De-mystified: How to increase your online presence. Then decide if you want to outsource the whole thing and hire professionals, or get the Online Marketing Playbook: Strategic Planning Guide to increasing my online presence.


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  1. Angela has a very direct approach to social media that helped me clarify my next steps. I’m busy enough running my business, so having clear and executable steps made my life much easier. I was impressed that she had taken time to learn about my business and marketing efforts before we met. This made our meeting very productive as we hit the ground running. I highly recommend Angela for her strategic insights about social media in general and how she specifically helped me clarify my approach. Her visual diagram made the whole process engaging and took the mystery out of social media for me as I could then see the forest, trees, and beyond. Give her a call, you won’t be disappointed.


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